Tales From the Fertility Specialist – Part 4: The Embryo Transfer


Remembering from my last blog post, we were able to harvest 7 eggs from my procedure. After they harvested the eggs, they put the eggs and sperm together and let nature do its business. On the next day we got the phone call. 

Out of the 7 eggs, we had 4 fertilize. Once again, we had to play the waiting game. Each day, I would get a call from the clinic letting me know the progress of my precious petals, as my mom called them.  I was told that many of the embryos do not make it during the waiting period. With only 4 embryos, the odds of having 3 to put back in were slim.  I don’t know the statistics, but I knew friends who had 10 embryos and only a few made it to transfer day.  I prayed daily for these little embryos of mine! We were scheduled to go in 3 days later to have the 3 best quality embryos transferred.  However, every day I received a great report on all 4. This is what they looked like on day 3.

Day 3 Embryos

Transfer day #1.

After 3 long days, we went to the clinic for transfer day.  This is where my doctor would put the embryos back in my uterus with hopes that one would “stick”.  The plan was for me and my husband to go in, have the procedure done, go home, and then he was off to Vegas for a conference.  We go in, do all the check in protocols (my name is Lisa McClintic, my social is XXX) every time we spoke to someone.  In hindsight, I am glad they do this over and over to ensure they are putting the right embryos to the right mom!   I drink a big bottle of water because apparently it makes the procedure easier if your bladder is full.  Hmmm, I am not that great with biology so this was interesting.  I have my paper gown on, my hairnet in place and I am reclining with my pelvic area elevated all ready to get it going!  We were all set then my doctor comes into the room.  Here is where it got interesting.

My doctor looked kind of like a mad scientist when he came in the room.  His hair was somewhat disheveled, he had a clip board with all sorts of papers in them and he had readers on top of his head.  He storms in the room, thrusts the glasses on his nose, and starts going through the papers.  He pulls some of them out and starts to go over them with us.  We had to sign off stating that we are aware that that multiples were an option when doing this procedure.  Of course, for me, put three in – I expect three to come out!  My husband not so much but he did sign off.  The doctor left and then came in a few minutes later…. Same clipboard and look on his face.  He puts his glasses back on his head and told us that he was shocked that all 4 embryos were doing so well and that he would prefer to wait two more days and just put 2 back in me.  Sounded good to us! 

I might mention, we were doing this in vitro process right after the octomom gave birth.  My doctor was actually interviewed for a news channel during is on record saying “no ethical doctor would put that many embryos into a woman.” Agreed.   You would think that would give my husband some comfort, but I doubt it did.  When the doctor was walking out the door, my husband made the comment to me “if you end up with 8, I am heading to Mexico” trying to be funny. 

My doctor overheard and he was NOT amused.  He whipped around and looked my husband straight in the eyes and said to him “Sir, I am here to tell you… child support WILL follow you anywhere you go!” then whipped around and left the room.  The look on my husband’s face was stunned.  Me, on the other hand, started laughing so hard I truly thought I was going to wet myself.  Remember that huge bottle of water I had to drink earlier?  I got up, went to the bathroom, changed into real clothes and we took off.  I think it was a good thing that he was flying to Vegas that day – he did not have to see my doctor again. 

Transfer day #2. 

Day 5 Embryos – the best of the group

This turned out to be the real one!  Because my husband was in Vegas, I needed to find someone to take me to the clinic for transfer day.  My sister and mother were not available so one of my best friends took the day off to take me.  We got the clinic and I went through the same procedures as before.  Yes, my name is Lisa McClintic – social XXX over and over!  I have to say this go around was just fun.  Bridget was the perfect person to take me!  She was given the option to be in the room with me and we jumped on it!  Yes, she stayed by the top of my head!!!  I thought I was once again going to wet myself when she came out in her clean suit.  We called it the Michelin Man outfit.  It was huge on her since she is barely 5 feet tall.  We have pictures of us in our hair nets ready to get pregnant! 

The procedure went according to plan and off we went to put me on bed rest!  The way home was hysterical.  My SUV had been detailed and disinfected a few days before because I was not going to have some stray germs get to me on this momentous day.  I was laying on the floorboard in the back seat with my legs up in the air.  I was trying everything I could to let gravity do its job to keep those babies in where they should be! 

I got home and went straight to bed.  I was supposed to do one day but since the hubs was gone, I went ahead and did two.  My mother came over to help me out and I basically laid there with my feet over my head for two days straight!   On my second day of bedrest, I received a call from the clinic.  My other two embryos were deemed not freeze quality.  When I heard this new, I grieved a little for those 2 potential lives that were not meant to be.  I had a mindset shift after that phone call.  I clearly remember saying to myself, this IS GOING TO WORK!  It is!  I knew it.  No maybes, no we will try more than once, or let’s just give it a try.  No, it had to work and it will! And off to bed I went.  

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